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Brennan Spark

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Portraits, engagements, weddings, events, & Concerts

Weddings, events, Business, & aerial

My Style

Whether in photos or videos, I love capturing candid moments. They come from a place of honesty and display true emotion from a moment in time. Equally as important to capture a beautiul photo is being able to tell a story through photos and videos. Story can be found in weddings, your event, your business or even a simple portrait shoot, your performance. II take extreme pride in capturing the stories of people. These stories can be cherished, shared and saved for posterity. In photography, I achieve story telling through capturing key candid moments in a variety of impactful up close detailed shots to wide angle story telling shots. In video, I intermix dramatic slow motion to enhance the story telling process and it allows me to capture the emotions of people in the story. I also emply a camera stabilizer shots that adds dynamic motion to my videos. These video elements combined with music creatures a powerful and emotional and exciting piece. Read More.

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I am a photographer and videographer serving Sonoma County, Napa County, and the Bay Area. I would be honored to hear from you and to capture your story! Click below "inquire" below to contact me. For online reviews, sponsorships, or business inquires; click here.

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