I love telling stories through the digital medium. Stories can be found in life events such as weddings, engagements and celebrations; and even in special events, a show, your business or in a simple portrait shoot. These stories can be captured in videos or in a collection of photos which can both be cherished, shared and saved for remembrance of a special moment in time. 

          In photography, I achieve storytelling through capturing key moments throughout your shoot. Candid moments are my favorite to capture because they come from a place of honesty and are often short-lasting which make them extremely special. To enhance the storytelling process, photos are taken from a variety of angles and positions. Close up photos are intimate and reveal every detail; while photos from a distance create excellent establishing shots to convey the setting, tone and mood of the environment. 

        In videography, I again capture key moments while filming with a high frame rate. This allows me to create dramatic slow motion video in post production to accentuate the emotions and feelings from that moment. I also employ gliding camera shots by using a camera stabilizer that adds more dynamic motion than traditional handheld or tripod videos. These video elements combined with the perfect music creates a powerful and emotional story. 

          In addition to being a photographer and videographer, I share my knowledge and my passion for these topics on my YouTube channel, "Brennan Spark." There I mentor my audience on how to improve their own videography and photography through camera and camera gear recommendations, reviews, tutorials and tips. I aim to inspire and empower them to create their own works of art and stories. 

          I have been practicing this craft since 2012. I gained a lot of experience while at Sonoma State University where I was Photo Editor and a Photographer for the school's newspaper. From that experience, I learned to photograph and film a variety of topics such as sports, music and dance performances and events. At the same time, I was deeply involved in portraits, couples, families, and wedding shoots. From all of these experiences, it trained me to anticipate and capture key moments and also to grow creatively. Some notable events I have shot were the Green Music Center's Summer Concert Series, a couple San Francisco Giants games, the Country Summer Music Festival and the president's investiture video for Sonoma State University.