I offer video and photo services to Sonoma County and the surrounding areas. I am highly versatile and specialize in portraits, weddings, concerts/performances and event videography and photography. I am also a licensed drone pilot capable of capturing aerial photography and videography. My work is a form of visual storytelling.

I achieve storytelling in my work by capturing key moments throughout your shoot. Candid moments are special and are my favorite to capture because they come from a place of honesty and are often short-lasting. In video, these moments are captured with dramatic slow motion to accentuate emotions and feelings. To enhance the storytelling process, photos and videos are taken from a variety of angles and positions. Close up shots are intimate and reveal every detail; while shots from a distance create excellent establishing shots to convey the setting, tone and mood of the environment. Lastly in video, I employ gliding camera shots to add more dynamic motion than traditional handheld or tripod shots.

I was born and raised in Sonoma County, CA and have been shooting professionally since 2014. Some notable clients I have worked with are the Green Music Center, Sonoma State University, the Transcendence Theatre Company and the Country Summer Music Festival.