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Favorite Tech

Apple Airpods

I absolutely love these! Hassle free and no cords, portable, clever charging case, music pauses when you take one Airpod out, they fit firmly and they have playback and Siri controls. 



UE Boom 2 Bluetooth Speaker

It emits rich 360° sound with good bass that can fill a large room or be enjoyed outdoors. Feels really durable. It's waterproof, shockproof has simple controls and has excellent battery life. 

iPhone Car Mount

Extremely versatile and easy to use! My phone simply snaps right into place and easily pops out when I'm ready to take it with me. My phone can be viewed in either portrait or landscape mode and my phone can be angled toward myself or the passenger. No physical obstruction to the bottom of the phone allows easy attachment of charing and music cables. 

Twelve South Book Book Wallet Case for iPhone

This is the ultimate wallet for the modern man who carries few cards and little to no cash. The Book Book functions as a protective case, a wallet and a stand for my iPhone. I can store up to ten cards or seven cards and some cash comfortably in this wallet. It's made of genuine leather and is extremely durable. Today I love being able to carry just two things when I go out: my keys and my wallet case. 

Phillips Hue Colored Light Bulbs and Light Strip

I can control the color and intensity of my lights from my phone from simple white colors to any color on the color wheel. Together they generate greate ambience to fit my mood and the light strips accent my furniture.